Sunday, November 25, 2007

Partners in Crime

There, by the skin. Is that blood I say and She replies yes. I asked her why and She said it was what she deserved. I agreed but not wholly. In my mind everyone was such a hypocrite and I was insane. She was only my friend and partner in crime. She was always there for me, through bad, good, and bloody times. This was a bloody time when all we did was skip school and get into fights. It was a good life I thought as I looked into the bloody sink. A good time too. There were so many bitches out there who were asking for a beat down and we were the girls who were willing to give it. I suppose Jay deserved it the most but the bastard was slippery. Every time we had him cornered some bigger guy would come up and stop us. At least Aimee got what was coming to her.

Yeah. Her blood was being washed away from the fists of my friend in my upstairs bathroom sink in my house. I bruised and She was bleeding at the lip but other than that we were fine. Aimee, poor little slut whore. She should have shut up when she had the chance. Steal my boyfriend and call me a bitch; never! Now she was just an ugly scarred up girl like the rest of them.

She sat on the toilet and lit a cigarrette. She had a headache and a stomach ache and kept complaining about pregnancy. Not that She was pregnant, She just wishes She was. Sometimes I think we both live in a fantasy world, but then again wasn't that blood in the skin as real as you or me? I thought it was real. I didn't bother to wash it away because it was such a pain. You had to scrub a little and I didn't want to scrub.

Jay's a bastard, I said to her. She nodded and blew out smoke. We were a sight us two. Bruised, battered, and beautiful. Jays gonna get beat, She said after a moment of thought. I nodded, but didn't smoke. I didn't need to, I didn't want to. He's been following you lately hasn't he She asked. I said yes because he had. It was annoying. The kid had hair like he'd screwed a weedwacker the night before and then dipped his head in grease in the morning. Plus he wore a huge necklace with big sunglasses and big jeans. Everything was big with him... It made me sick.

He needs an add-a-dick-ta-me She said as if reading my scowl. I smiled for the first time all day. After a moment I laughed. Then I turned back to the blood in the sink. Bitch whore Aimee's blood. I turned on the water and began to clean the sink; I felt like scrubbing now.

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