Thursday, December 20, 2007

Cold Book Ch1

It had been two years since it happened. Not on a day
much different from this one she thought, while gazing
out the study window. She continued to stare out
beyond, the backyard. The never-ending green of the
maze was masked by that of the heavy rain. Rumbling
thunder, followed split second lightning as the rain
continued to fall down to the warm earth. Ginn's mind
wandered as the dreaded day slowly came to be a sharp
memory. Lightning this time brighter than ever flashed
across the entire outside, she lacked the awareness
that it was now beginning to rain in her window as she
sat before it, the rain beginning to lightly spatter
upon typed papers and chicken -scratch notebooks only
readable to herself. Loud cracks and rumbles followed
yet another lightning flash and Ginn found her vision
fixed upon the graveyard. The sound of the wind and
thunder traveled through Ginn's mind and reality
became past- and past became reality.

Ginn's eyes seemed to close and yet they hadn't- her
vision was that of blurred rain. She couldn't feel the
tickling raindrops that would droplet on her face and
neck and bare arms. She neither saw the lightning nor
felt the power of the thunder as the lamp over her
computer desk began to dim and finally died out, along
with the rest of the electricity throughout the

Kitt had felt the thunder and had seen the lightning
bolt that struck a telephone pole about 1000 meters
down the road. She could see far out from her tower
bedroom and had watched the whole incident as it fell
over almost totaling a car that had been parked
alongside the curb, she watched in amazement as the
wires were tossed about with unknown force and the
clock radio in her room turned off and on until it
finally laid to rest with a blank digital screen.

"Wow!" Kitt shreiked, amazed, a huge smile stretched
across her face and she stood from the window seat.
She had also been watching the rain and listening,
like Ginn. She had been hoping since the beginning of
the storm that the there would be a power-out.Kitt
walked over to the other window and gazed to the other
tower parallel to her own. Ginn wasn't in there, that
she could see, but Kitt knew she was home to have seen
the lightning. Suddenly the old fashioned door bell
rang- it made Kitt jump...

Ginn hadn't moved for twenty minutes, her papers were
soaked, and her mind was still elsewhere. Long years,
she thought- endlessley did her mind drift until she
was startled by an out of place thump. It made Ginn
jump although it hadn't scared her, it was just the
startling pull back into reality. She knew what it
was, Kitt in the old-dumb-waiter. Ginn smiled as it
reminded her of happy days, back when she first came
to Kate's Mansion, and had first met Kitt, the cute
little rugrat rascal who had an uncanny knack to be
able to travel with impossible speed from one side of
the mansion to the other.

Memories came of how her grandmother was so warm and
giving compared to that of Ginn's former foster homes
and adopters. It had been almost hard to accept Kate,
because she was so loving, love was almost a whole
other world, as she had been deprived of it for so
long. It had taken Ginn so many years for her to come
to realize how hard it must have been to get Ginn to
let go of all the anger she had built up for the past
seven years. But Kate had never lost her patience or
love for Ginn, so in a way Kate helped Ginn
unknowingly filter out all her anger and shape her
into the stable person she is now, independent, yet
compassionate and understanding and quiet.

Ginn smiled at the memories like the time Kitt had
come up to Ginn and pulled her pant leg and looking up
at her with the cutest smile saying:

"you know who I am?"

"you must be Kitt" Ginn said with a lack of emotion.

"yup, but y'know who I am?" grinning.

"No, who are you?"

"I'm your Aunt!" Kitt giggled for quite some time
after that remark and began to laugh and run around
the kitchen- she grasped a hold of Kate's leg and
"Aren't I Kate?"

"Yes Kitt, in a way you are."

"Yippee!!!" Kit squealed and ran off.

Ginn had been a little confused at that point, but
after Kate explained that since she was Ginn's
grandmother and Kate had adopted Kitt that in a weird
sense, Kitt was Ginn's Aunt.

Now, though, since Kate had passed away, Ginn had
adopted Kitt, so that she was her legal guardian since
she was only 16. It had not been an easy process and
not without it's legal wish-wash, but finally all was
OK, and they began to live their lives again. Ginn and
her job with the magazine, and her writing, and Kitt
with her singing. Kitt had dropped out of school and
was taking a home course(to Ginn's disapproval but
permission) and things were going pretty good.